Standing Together. Faithful to Christ.

The mission of The Presbyterian Coalition is to inform, strengthen, and equip biblically faithful decision-makers in the PC(USA).  We do this by:

  • Bearing faithful witness to the grace and truth of Christ's gospel as revealed authoritatively in the Scriptures. 
  • Remaining a reliable source of information about the beliefs, polity, and processes of the PC(USA)
  • Fostering communication with like-minded Presbyterians
  • Providing navigational tools to decision-making bodies in their discernment processes
  • Offering consultation with individual decision-makers, sessions, and presbyters in higher councils
  • Pledging our help to any decision-making body or individual until they find “safe harbor” either within or outside the PC(USA), as the Spirit leads them, while not advocating for either leaving or staying in the PC(USA).

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The Presbyterian Coalition

c/o Wally Warrenburg

3305 Lookout Ln.

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Phone: 512-327-6232


Everything related to Marriage and the Board of Pensions can be found in this section.

The Front Burner

Right now, most of our energies are directed toward resourcing marriage debates in presbyteries, and helping churches determine a way forward (whether they choose to remain in the PC(USA), or to transfer to another reformed body.


Essential Tenets, the New Form of Government, Biblical Sexuality resources, Parliamentary Process, documents related to previous General Assemblies, and much more.