PC(USA) Documents


The Constitution


Other Documents

  • 2009-11 Book of Order
  • 2009-2011 Annotated Book of Order

    This can be a little tricky to figure out. It's easiest to choose the plus sign to the left of "Constitution of PCUSA"  and then the subsequent plus signs to get to the Form of Government part of the Book of Order, and to the chapter and chapter section you want to search .

  • 2010 Summaries of Statistics
  • Parliamentary Procedures
    A concise guide to parliamentary process, ordinarily provided for use by commissioners at GA, by Marianne Wolfe
  • Authoritative Interpretations

    This includes both Authoritative Interpretations by the General Assembly, and GAPJC Decisions

  • The PUP Report

    2006 Report of the Theological Task Force on Peace, Unity, and Purity

  • Advisory Opinions
    Occasionally the Stated Clerk, or Office of Constitutional Services, issues advisory opinions pursuant to Standing Rule G.2.e. They are not binding upon or authoritative for members of the PC(USA). Advisory Opinions do not constitute Authoritative Interpretations.
  • Constitutional Musings
    Like Advisory Opinions, the "Musings" carry no authority for members of the PC(USA); rather, they reflect some of the current thinking of the Office of Constitutional Services.
  • Open Meeting Policy of the General Assembly
    For use by the General Assembly and its entities. This policy is used as a guide for meetings of other governing bodies as well.
  • Open Meeting Policy, General Assembly Council
    Adopted by the GAC in 2000 for use by the Council.